Digital Signage
Content Management
Distribution Techniques
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Miracle Mile Shops Las Vegas LED screens

Digital Signage in Architecture

New York New York Casino LED screen in Las Vegas © Lars-Ingemar Lundström All rights reserved.

Digital signs can be a key part of a building. Though not very common today, each building contains wall areas that may fit for dynamic signage. The appearance of the screens can be adapted to the time of the day or the occasion. There is always a connection between a sign and the place where it is located. In this Las Vegas example (on top) the outdoor LED screens do not really look like conventional digital signs, that are common in this city, but rather as a part of the building itself. Decoration, atmosphere and advertising may strangely enough come hand-in-hand. The picture to the right also illustrate a try to integrate the sign into the building itself. Though not very common (except from in Las Vegas), integration of signs into the architecture of the building itself may make the signs and their content to seem more trustworthy than is the case with standalone signs that are clearly there for advertising.